Rongai Route 6 Days Climbing Kilimanjaro

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Day 1: Kilimanjaro Airport – Arusha / Moshi
Arrive to Kilimanjaro Airport and then transferred to Arusha or Moshi for Dinner and overnight .

Day 2: Arusha / Moshi - Nale Muru to Simba Camp (first cave)
Elevation (m): 1387/915m to 1950m to 2750m - Distance: 9km - Hiking Time: 4 hours - Habitat: Montane Forest
After breakfast depart from Arusha / Moshi to Kilimanjaro Mountain at Rongai near Kenya border. After registrations at the gate begins the climbing tour to Kilimanjaro. After hiking through forest inhabited with wildlife you arrive to Simba Camp (first cave) for dinner and overnight.

Day 3: Simba Camp (first cave) to Second Cave
Elevation: 2750m to 3450m - Distance: 7km - Hiking Time: 3-4 hours - Habitat: Moorland Zone
After breakfast start hiking through the moorland zone to reach the Second Cave. Along the way you can enjoy the spectacular view of Kibo and the eastern ice field on the crater rim. Dinner and overnight at Second Cave.

Day 4: Second Cave to Third Cave
Elevation: 3450m to 3870m - Distance: 7.5km - Hiking Time: 4 hours - Habitat: Semi-Desert
After morning breakfast continue hiking to reach the Third Cave for dinner and overnight. The third cave located closer to eastern ice field on the crater rim. On this day be careful to notice any sign of altitude sickness.

Day 5: Third Cave to Kibo Hut
Elevation: 3870m to 4695m - Distance: 8km - Hiking Time: 4-5 hours - Habitat: Alpine Desert
After breakfast depart from Third cave hiking up to Kibo hut at the bottom of Kibo crater wall, where you can join the Marangu climbing route. This day is highly advised to hike early in the day, so to get enough time to rest for the preparation of the final ascent to the peak at midnight. Remember to prepare your climbing equipments also warm clothes for the midnight summit.

Day 6: Summit Day!! Kibo Hut to Uhuru Peak then Horombo Hut
Elevation(m ): 4695 m to 5895m descend to 3690m - Distance: 4km up, 14km down - Hiking Time: 10-15 hours - Habitat: Alpine Desert.
Wake up at midnight to finalize ascent. The reason is to climb before dawn so to reach Uhuru peak shortly after the sunrise. Leave Kibo hut and ascent to Uhuru Peak passing through steep trail to Gilman’s point on the crater rim at 5861m. Then proceed for another 2 hours of hiking along the crater rim to approach true summit of Kilimanjaro the Uhuru Peak 5895m.
After a short celebration at the summit, descend to Kibo Hut for breakfast and little rest before proceeding down to Horombo Hut for dinner and overnight.

Day 7: Horombo Hut to Marangu Gate
Elevation: 3,690 m to 1,830 m to 1,387/890m - Distance: 18 km hiking Time: 5-7 hours After breakfast descend through moorland zone then stop at Mandara Huts for a short rest then continue down through lush forest up to the park gate Marangu. As it is the last day you can meet your guides, cooks and porters so if you were happy with their hard work please do not hesitate to tip them. Upon arrival to Marangu Gate followed with transfer to Arusha / Moshi.
End of Tour